Course is Designed For:

Facility Managers, Supervisors and Employers working in the industry who have responsibilities to train candidates so that they can make their employees aware about understanding of fire safety.

Course Duration:

1 Days (8 Hours per day)

Maximum Class Size:


Scope of the Course:

The aim and objective of Fire Safety Training program is to train the candidates so that they can make their employees aware to identify the causes of fire and prevention, propagation and control measures. This training program helps the delegates to be aware about using fire extinguishers to the corresponding fires and understand the evacuation process and emergency drills.

Topics Covered:

Classroom Training:

Identify the elements of fire.
Knowledge of classification of fire.
Demonstrate knowledge of the different types of fire.
Identify the various causes of a fire.
Demonstrate knowledge of preventing a fire.
Knowledge of different types of fire extinguisher.
Knowledge of using fire extinguishers.
Emergency Drills
Role of Trainer
Communicating with Learners and Providing Feedback
Presentation Skills
Giving Feedback
Practical Training Assessment
Evaluation and Assessment

Practical Training:

Raising the Alarm
Evacuation and gathering at assembly point
Identification of different types of fire extinguisher.
Inspection and Maintenance of fire extinguisher.

Instructional Method:

PowerPoint Presentation
Audio Visual Video DVD
Group Discussions
Question and Answer Session
Hands on Practical Training

Equipment Used:

Fire extinguishers