Course Introduction:

Combined Rigging & Lifting / Banksman Slinger : To instruct all personnel involved in crane operations, rigging and slinging operations, e.g. riggers, maintenance personnel, maintenance supervisors, deck crew etc, to guide crane operators by hand and radio signals in both good and restricted visibility.? To ensure delegates have an understanding of the legal requirements pertaining to rigging and crane operations, the requirements for pre-use inspections and discard criteria of lifting equipment safely and not exceed the load limit imposed on them.

Duration :

5 Days

Target Group

The course is aimed at personnel who are involved in rigging and crane operations at all levels


•  This course is designed for delegates to complete these two essential courses in 5-days.
•  The course encompasses the same theoretical and practical content but removes all elements of duplication, i.e. Lifting Operations Regulations, Planning, Risk Assessment, etc.

Course Contents

Training and Competence Process
Roles and Responsibilities
Predominant Legislation, Regulations, Standards and Guidance (including LOLER)
Safe Use of Lifting Appliances and Accessories
Storage and Control of Portable Lifting Equipment
Rigging and Lifting Operations
Trolley and Pulling Operations
The Working Environment, Safe Positioning, Barriers and Hands Safe / Hands Free Lifting
Lift Categorisation, Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Lift Planning
Practical Banksman and Slinger Demonstrations and Exercises
Practical Rigging and Lifting Demonstrations and Exercises