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Falcon Multi Services is the most professional organization based in Mumbai-India and providing its services overseas in many countries of Middle East and Asia. We are your first choice for a premium service provider auditing, inspection, project management and in all aspects of well control equipment. We have vast experience in providing these services in Oil & Gas Industry and had consulted for some of the biggest operators and drilling contractors globally.

Falcon Oil Gas Consultancy

Safety is our Value and our Mission is to provide our valued clients with surveyors who can contribute many years of experience working with the all aspects of well control equipment throughout the globe. Consulting with customers to ensure they utilize their equipment to its full potential. Dependent upon visa requirements we can usually dispatch our surveyors to anywhere in the world upon confirming our clients their request.

Our well-control inspection and testing audit process is conducted using the latest criteria derived from operational demands, classification societies, regulatory compliance requirements, standard practices, manufactures documents and good oil field practices. Our teams of surveyors are strategically located in the following areas in Middle East (UAE, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain) and some other part of Asia like India, Malaysia.

Well Control Audit & Integrity

Falcon Multi Services is committed to provide quality and technical excellence in its services along with best evaluation of the well control equipment for suitability of its main purpose. Also our surveyor team is comprised of well-trained and experienced professionals who identify any issues that may cause equipment downtime.

Well-control equipment audit processes are conducted according to criteria derived from operational standards, industry best practices, professional classification bodies regulatory compliance requirements, standard practices, manufacturer’s technical documents, bulletins, and operation and maintenance manuals.

Well control audit and integrity process includes following features:

Audit of rig preparedness for well control situation
Inspection of well control equipment and accessories
Verification & recommendation about the ratings, capacity and installation of well control equipment
Certification for well control integrity of Rig

Drop Survey & Management

The “dropped objects” have indeed been targeted by all the HSE departments of the Oil and Gas industry as being the most critical hazard, all types of works combined. When a tiny piece of steel falls from even 1m high, it can have a fatal consequence. And a fatality cannot be afforded. All your workers shall go back home free of injury.

Inspections for localizing potential “dropped objects” have been developed by major companies over the last decade to prevent dropped object related accidents and to teach new behaviors in matter of dropped objects” prevention Falcon Multi Services Ltd. offers to perform a full survey of your installation to detect and list existing hazards. On the offshore work sites, cranes and other pipes elevators are moving and lifting items all day long, while people are busy working around on other tasks on an often very congested deck. Those people might not always be aware at all times of what is happening above or next to them In addition to these life threatening hazards, “dropped objects” can also damage your installation structure or equipment, which can lead to loss of time, loss of production or loss of containment of hazardous material.

drop servey mangement 1

Falcon Multi Services Ltd. offers your company to carry out is a full detection survey of all the “loose” or getting loose” items that could potentially fall and cause an accident. A detailed report including pictures and exact location of those identified items will be issued to your company, as well as a list of corrective recommended actions.

This report would be a database register that should be used to follow-up and monitor the actions taken. It shall be part of a bigger QA/QC process where status of actions has to be clearly reported.

We are one of the leading providers of Dropped Object Surveys and associated support services to the oil and gas Industry for about two years. Our customers include drilling contractors and operators, Worldwide.

Our core business activities involve drilling structures this means that every element of what we design, build and install has dropped objects considerations from design to installation by our offshore construction personnel. Therefore consideration for the avoidance of dropped objects is intertwined in almost all of our business activities.

In the interests of reducing risk we have seen the dropped object surveys broaden its remit in recent years to now cover the whole installation, and our surveys have evolved to cover all of the relevant areas for you, to the extent that we now offer one of the most comprehensive services available.

We have however, retained our approach to these inspections as being as practical and pro-active to ensure that we solve as many issues as possible on site, so as to reduce or eliminate the amount faults/failures in the report and to reduce items to be attended to going forward.

We are able to conduct dropped object surveys of all types of structure and surveys can range in scale from simple removal of loose items to a complete inventory of equipment within the structure, assessment of the integrity of fittings and secondary retention and creation of a DROPS Picture Book to allow non-specialist client staff to conduct interim inspections.

We pride ourselves on a proactive approach and as well as taking any safety critical remedial action needed, our post survey reports include detailed recommendations for future maintenance inspection.

drop servey mangement 2

Rig Inspection, Lifting Equipment Inspection & Auditing Services

We have developed a comprehensive Rig Inspection, Lifting Equipment Inspection, and Audit program for our valued clients. Our methodology verifies detailed inspection, testing, and reporting.

We can ensure all equipment is fit for purpose, in good operational condition, and verify compliance with international standards/requirements (API, classification, industry, etc.). In addition, the data that is gathered can be easily integrated into a client’s audit, maintenance, or inspection program.

We also provide Rig Inspection, Lifting Equipment Inspection & Audit Services with the right systems, processes, and procedures ensuring consistency that is critical in complying with relevant codes, requirements, regulations, and standards. We have an end-to-end approach to inspection factors in accountability, consistency, and compliance at every stage. Our services include Safety and Risk Awareness/ Equipment Requirements, installed equipment inspection, General Legislation, Lifting Equipment Storage inspection. Inspection of Slings, Shackles, Eye bolts, Rigging Screws and Turnbuckles, Hooks, Travel Girder Trolleys & another instrument. Our inspections cover technical safety evaluation, reports on the state of repair, and compliance against plans.

Client on hire
Client on hire/ off hire audits
New build, final acceptance testing/inspection
Upgrade assistance
Upgrade assistance and pre-client inspections/preparation
Operators routine
Operators routine inspections

Rig Safety Audits

Our Safety Audit Team of highly-qualified & experienced professionals will help you recognize deviations from the compliance standards and also advice in reporting & rectification for unsafe conditions.

Our assessment Team personnel will evaluate areas of potential shortfall, exposure, or enhanced risk, and outline any necessary changes or risk mitigation required to meet client specifications to ensure the highest operational level of safety and a reduction of risk to the common “ALARP” (As Low as Reasonably Practicable) standard.

Rig safety audit
Rig safety audit
Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment
investigation problem
Investigation into accidents, operational problems
Routine Safety Inspections
Routine Safety Inspections
Client specific requirements
Client specific requirements